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Conference Workshop with Arlene Shawcross “Gathering” Saturday and Sunday 9 &10 March 2013


Bring List

Saturday Afternoon : Dyeing

Apron and gloves

Kitchen roll

2 bowls ( washing up size - or similar ), plastic jug, small pudding basin ( disposable is fine )

Freezer bag with tie closure

Plastic bags for carrying wet fabrics home

Notebook and pencil

* Please note that none of this equipment should be used for food purposes after the workshop.

Dyes and fabric will be provided

Sunday : Stitch


Fabrics and threads from Saturday

For those who did not attend on Saturday please bring background fabric plus a selection of small pieces of lighter fabrics ( sheers, scrims, velvet etc ) and a few hand stitching threads all in your chosen colour scheme.


Everyone : Plain fabric e.g calico or similar - 1/4 - 1/2 metre

Sewing machine Darning foot if you have one Hoop that will fit under the sewing foot of your machine

* Machine threads

Chunky knitting wool that can be stitched over

Fabric scissors and small pointed scissors

Soluble fabric if you have any*

Small beads that link with your colour scheme *

Spare machine needles, needles suitable for hand stitching e.g. chenille needles and a needle suitable for beads*


* These items will be available for purchase should you wish to do so