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Textile Drawing Workshop

The workshop will deliver textile drawing skills and techniques similar to those by the artist Debbie Smyth. As a participant, you will complete the full creative process to make your own threaded image; from drawing to plotting pins and threading your image.

The day will start with various drawing games and observational drawings, followed by learning the basics of the technique. After this we will discuss and learn how to turn your sketches into pin and thread drawings. At the end of the day you get to take away a thread drawing designed and created by you.


I will provide MDF boards, pins and threads

Bring List for participants

Small hammer

Reference Imagery or Object/s to sketch (photos, sketches, magazine cut outs, still life objects etc)



Drawings materials (pencil, eraser, fine liner pen etc)

Specialist threads and string (optional)

Collage materials and papers (optional, if you would like to add other textures to your thread drawings)