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Arlene Shawcross 2014

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CTN Conference 2014

Arlene Shawcross workshop Bring List

For Saturday Afternoon:
Drawing pencils - HB, 2B and 4B
Pencil sharpener
Large drawing board or similar to lean on if you have one
Small soft paintbrush
Water pot
( Paper, background fabric and aquarelle crayons will be supplied )

For Sunday:
You may choose to work by hand or machine or a mixture of both
Please bring:
A selection of fabrics in a chosen colour scheme including sheers for applying to your background
A small bag of textured bits and pieces that work with your colour scheme ( wools, fibres, feathers, etc.)
Sewing machine + darning foot ( unless you wish to work solely by hand )
Selection of machine embroidery threads
Hoop that will fit under the foot of your machine
Threads for hand stitching and suitable needles
Scissors for cutting fabric
Small sharp scissors
Needle and thread for tackingĀ