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Cas Holmes

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Bring List for CTN Conference 2014


8th and 9th March 2014


Cas Holmes



This workshop list is largely centred on the creative re-use of the materials you may have available. Old domestic (not valuable) fabrics or scraps as well as copies of paper items, maps, photos and items gathered on your day-to-day journeys.

This can reflect your theme, a place special to you, be colour inspired and/or poems or words that express the feeling of your ideas.

A fragment of textile, a handkerchief, napkin, a piece of embroidery - these can be used as both a base and a staring point.

You will also require:

Masking Tape

4 sheets A2 white paper

Plastic butter/marg tubs for holding oils/liquids

Small bottle cooking oil

100ml maximum acrylic paint in red, blue, yellow, black and white

Small pritt stick


Couple of white bin bags