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Christina Jasmin Roser 2014

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Nuno Felt by Christina Jasmin Roser

Bring List

8th and 9th March 2014

close up nuno felt with beadssml

On both days I will be showing you how Nuno Felt can be made. As time and space is limited please note you will be going home with samples, and of course ideas and inspiration, which you can either turn into ‘art pieces’ or use as template to develop bigger projects. On the Sunday I will show you how to use various ‘resists’ to create additional effects and textures within Nuno felt. Have you already booked on my workshop or are you still undecided, then have a look at as I will be/am posting information to the making of Nuno Felt. Also do not hesitate to contact me at feltmakercjr(at) if you have any questions about my workshops.



Medium size towel

To dry your hands in while working

2 medium size towel,
approx 60 x 120 cm

For felting

Plastic bowl

To have standing on the table for felting

Bar of soap (preferably Sunlight)

To be used as a lubricant for felting

Sharp scissors

For cutting felt, fabric, plastic

Open-weave fabrics like silks, cotton muslins, nylon tulle, lace, wool

If you have any of these lying around please bring and we can test if they can be used for Nuno felt

Bubble rap

Only if you have some, please don’t go and buy especially as I will bring small pieces to use

For Sunday please also bring beads, buttons, very small pebbles, sequins, elastic bands

To be used as ‘resists’