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Lynn Kenny 2014

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Bring List for CTN Conference 2014


8th and 9th March 2014


Lynn Kenny



This list applies for both days:

Hand embroidery needles

Hand embroidery threads

Free machining machine (If you are bringing a machine with free machining ability please make sure it is working correctly and you have the right foot and equipment)

Range of machine threads

2b pencil

Paper scissors

Small embroidery/thread scissors


Acrylic paints (white and 2 other colours)

Range of paintbrushes or 1x flat head 1 x round head

Interesting images in magazine pages, books, etc  (these will be used in piece so you may need to photocopy if you want to keep original image.)

Found papers, i.e. sweet wrappers, wall papers, stamps, maps etc.

Any line drawings you have.

Sketch books for source material.