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2018 Spring Meeting Minutes


2018 Spring Meeting Minutes 3 February


Cork Textiles Network


Annual General Meeting

3 February 2018




1. Welcome


2. Committee 

A quick summary of the current committee.

Mary Palmer-chair, Hilda DeLacy-Treas, Carmel Creaner-secr/ newsletter /website, Amanda Hogan – K&S/ 2018 sub-committee chair, Kim Morris and Clodagh Evelyn Kelly – Social Media, Lesley Stothers – Education, Jane Horner – membership secr , Sara O’Hara, and Arlene Shawcross

Sara is stepping back for a while due to family comittments.

We would welcome and need new committee members (ideally one new person should come every year, and one existing member should come off). Please consider helping out.


Thanks was given to Emer for all her hard work. 15 new members full & Associate were signed up at the K&S show. To date 24 members had renewed



3. Chairman's Report – see below


4. Treasurer's Report

We came out about even for 2017, with some making profit and some making losees.




Membership - Jane Horner is now the new Membership Secretary.



5. 2018 Sub-Committee Report

     a. Textile bombing 

            amorphous project with lots of overlapping idea

            Helen O’Shea brought in tutus for bollards, and will pass on pattern



     b. Party 

            45-50 people, menu to be confirmed, €35 for member, €45 for non-members. CTN will be covering the cost of the bus, the music and subsidising €10 per member. Local members have offered accomodation to anyone who has to travel and would like to join us. Bookings to be made direct to Hilda asap with E35. Ger Wolfe has tentatively been booked for musical entertainment.



     c. K&S        

Title of exhibition still under discussion, with working title still shelfie and seflie with submitted work to be based on or inspired by a book.

Frames are back in stock at Guiney’s shuld be 30cm x 40cm and narrow profile.

We’ve requested an outside wall for selfie’s, they won’t be named, but there will be a record in case of inquiries.

Interior exhibition will be previewed in Cork with selection curated to travel with the Knitting and Stitching. Anything will be considered 3d 2d anything….


Cloth paper scissors and stitch both had articles this month on stitched portraiture if you can get your hands on it.


Arlene commented there is an exhibition of Modigliani on in London which could also be inspriaritonal.



d. Book project

            Hilda had 58 pieces photographed over the past 3 Sundays. AK designed dust jacket cover, Hurrah Hurrah to do Graphic Design.


     e. videos 

Gerda’s Launched, Helen ‘s coming out, Amanda and Hilda ready to go. Others are lined up.


f.  Yarn bombing - Martina sited several installation venues around the city including but not limited to Grand Parade trees, Merchant's Quay, Sullivan's Quay. Further ideas were invited. Hilda requested that an official photographer be appointed.

Helen O'Shea's tutu's are to be installed on the bollards opposite the dance school on Grand Parade.



6. Social Media

We have over 1000 followers on facebook, but due to facebooks feed, we have a low chance of being seen. Ways to improve this would be to select ‘see first’ in the following menu, or to visit our page regularly or seach for Cork Textiles.

Clodagh recommends considering paying for advertising on facebook, everyone agreed this is a good idea.

All agreed it would also be a good idea to be on instagram (perhaps linked to our facebook acocunt), and possibly even pinterest. This is of course, dependant on Clodagh and Kim’s ability to take on more (or another person coming on board to help out).

It was pointed out that regular conversation is important for facebook and instagram (likes and comments)


7. Triskel

We have been invited to have an exhibition in the Triskel (church space) for the months of June, July, and August. Further details to follow in the next few weeks.

Potential themes were discussed. Some suggestions were 20/40 (as it is Ctn’s 20th and the Triskels 40th), also perhaps something with Ruby and China (traditional gifts for 20th and 40th).


8. Community Awards Scheme : see below Chairman’s report




community arts craft weekend 6-8 April, this is a project coming out of France involving Craft demonstrtions, and Studio open days on 6-8 April, last year there were over 10,000 events all over Europe. We will use our library slot on the 7th to do demonstrations.  Could be worth contacting the Alliance Francaise and see if they would like to do something (this or next year), but

We need volunteers!!!

To see more about the project go to



garda vetting is offered through the DCCOI if anyone is interested, please let Mary know.


Child protection strategy was discussed, we have a dcoument from the dccoi, we should put the link on our website.



10. Future Exhibitions / Opportunities

alliance francaise a possibility

The Nanon Nagle Centre also possible, but a bit off the beaten track. The Vision Centre was suggested, new management, internal developments and a possible lowering of fees could make this a possibility. Also suggested was the Natural Foods Cafe.



11. Beyond 2018

next years events

We need new volunteers as a number of committee members will be leaving next year.



12. AOB

Film this coming Friday at Mahon Point at 9:00. If anyone would like to go, contact Mary P by Wednesday evening and she will book seats (Mahon Point is all assigned seating).


Sara will investigate insurance for events for members (short term insuracnce rather than a full year policy)

Tree project will be on display upstairs and some are still available if anyone would like to make one.

Tea coffee and cake are upstairs for the opening.


Textileartist.orghas an article online about presenting work.


Would it be worth having a textile bombed float for the 2019 Patrick’s day parade (Amanda offered the horsebox to decorate)


A request was made to update members personal galleries on the website. Images to be sent to Carmel and be under 1mb.






13. Exhibition Opening at 3:00

Meeting closed at 2:50, everyone enjoyed the exhibition opening.

Many Thanks to Sara for the trojan work organising the exhbition, opening, and the lovely cake!




Chairman’s Report


We had a quiet start this year, but things became busy as the year progressed.



In June, Our first exhibition of the year was in the Yeats Memorial Centre in Sligo as part of the Lilly Lolly CraftFest.  As we had short notice, members were invited to submit work that had been in Play the previous year in Wandesford Quay.  There was a great response to our work and appreciation for the continued support from Cork Textiles Network.



Blarney in Bloom

Due to a lack of volunteers , only an installation this year, many thanks to everyone who helped and took part.



We were then invited to exhibit in the ‘Home’ exhibition/popup shop in Kinsale during Craft Month (August).  We were given a two week slot at the end of August. It was an open submission with members invited to submit work on the theme of ‘Home’. Again, the response from Cork Craft and Design was positive, we don’t have confirmation of a venue for this year, but I believe should Craft Month continue as in the past, we should have an opportunity.




Sue Stone

Lesley organised a very successful weekend with Sue Stone in October. She gave a talk which was free of charge to all attendees on Friday. Followed by a 2 day workshop on portraiture which was to feed in to exhibition in the Knitting and Stitching show.



Knitting and Stitching Show

Amanda, Lesley, and Anne curated and hung the exhibition in the Knitting and Stitching show.  The exhibition looked fabulous and we had amazing feedback from both makers and organisers.


Community Arts project exhibition launch

Held in November for 3 weeks in the County Library. The exhibition was fabulous and the reflected the projects well.

Community Awards Scheme - There is a 2 1/2 -4 min video piece to follow shortly documenting the projects. Emer said that photographic/video use was extremely difficult due to privacy, child protection and data protection issues. A full report will follow on the web site soon.  This was a most ambitious project pioneered by Emer Fenlon.   CTN directly affected and improved the lives of 7 community groups  in Co. Cork.  There was wonderful feedback from the  groups many of whom would have loved the work to keep going.  Massive thanks to Emer for taking on the organization and management of this brilliant far reaching project.


Passing Through

Dara did a great job organizing this event in spite of numerous challenges with changes in the School of Music. Due to these changes, we’ve decided not to apply for a space in the school of music this year, but will seek alternative venues.



2018 events – Videos underway.  Many thanks to Gerda for being the first. I’m looking forward to seeing the next one. 




Thanks to committee and volunteers for all of their work.