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Bring Lists

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Angela O'Kelly

Ruth Issett

Nicola Henley

Dominic Fee

Elizabeth Bonar

Lesley Stothers

Pauline Burbidge

Mary Timmons

Barbara Hubert

Angela O’Kelly - Materials List

  • scissors

  • pencil/paper

  • needles

  • fabric and paper (small amounts, and thin as may put through laminator)

  • felt balls or sheet if you have any pre made, dont worry if you dont!

  • Beads

  • thread or fine fishing tackle/ nylon

We will be making a mixed media brooch, neckpiece or bangle, please think about the colour scheme you would like to work in and bring appropriate materials. Also if you have any ideas, feel free to bring drawings!

Print Crazy on paper and fabric with Ruth Issett

Using a variety of different printing techniques on both paper and fabric to explore imagery and develop your individuality!

Start with white paper and fabric and create both simple dramatic prints as well as complex multilayered and coloured pieces.

Requirements and materials:

  • Please bring 12, A3 sized pieces of cream/white calico or cotton fabric (must be natural fibre)

  • Please bring at least 12, A4/A3 sized pieces of white cartridge paper (not computer or sugar paper)

  • 1 inch bristle brush – 2 or 3

  • 3 sponge brushes

  • Print roller if you have one

  • A good sized packet of cheap Baby wipes – these are essential for cleaning up and a roll of kitchen paper

  • A deep welled palette for putting dye in, or a collection of 6/8 pots or jars in a shallow tray

  • Newspaper

  • Pieces of clean plastic to place under wet dyed fabrics to take home- clean white bin liners work well.

  • Apron and rubber gloves.

Introduction to Silk Screen Printing  with Nicola Henley

  • 1 or 2meters of cotton or calico

  • Tracing paper

  • Scalpel

  • Cutting mat if you have one

  • Sharp scissors

  • Drawing materials i.e. pencil, ruler, eraser etc.

  • Hairdryer

You may be working a project at home. If you would like to continue working on this, bring your sketch book so you can make stencils from your own drawings. Otherwise, just bring designs or shapes that interest you such as drawn or photocopied images. Also, if you would prefer to print on coloured or printed fabric bring this instead of plain white cotton or calico.

Paper Casting with Dominic Fee

  • An object or selection of objects that you would like to cast in paper eg an ornate key, scallop shell, something moulded in plastic, old wood bark  ( something with an interesting shape or texture, that could withstand pressure )

  • Hairdryer


Felt Workshop with Elizabeth Bonar

MATERIALS (Silk fabric, wool and silk fibre, yarns) will be provided.


  • Olive oil or sunlight soap;

  • litre size plastic bowl

  • medium sized towel;

  • plastic bottle with fine holes in lid to use as sprinkler

  • bubble wrap - approximately 2ft wide and 8ft long

  • scissors

  • lightweight plastic bag

Knit, Wrap & Bind with Lesley Stothers

A half day creative workshop.

Using simple traditional textile techniques to manipulate unorthodox materials, create a low relief form or small sculptural piece.

Lesley creates one off textile wall pieces, with a contemporary twist. She knits and crochets with wire and uses stitch, appliqué and embroidery with paper, metal, plastic and found objects. Her current work is inspired by mealtimes and family celebrations.

Making spoons from knitted wire and crockery from recycled metal foils, and stitching with vintage table linen, she constructs a surprising view of everything from formal dining to a casual cuppa.

Spend the time creatively interpreting your own personal design source. Lesley will guide you through design and interpretation of your chosen object.

Explore the potential of knitting, knotting, crochet, weave or simply wrapping & binding with novel materials as the substance of your personal project.

Bring a small object, natural or man-made to work from no bigger than A4 size.

E.g. small domestic objects, cutlery, item of clothing or footwear, natural objects such as fruit, seed pods & pine cones or good photographic sources depicting fish, birds etc.

Core materials and tools will be provided.

Participants are encouraged to supplement and collect saved and recycled foils and wire and any items for embellishment such as beads, buttons, interesting ribbons and fabrics.

Exploring Design Processes with Pauline Burbidge for 2 day class

Please bring with you –

All the following are needed on the Saturday -

  • A sketch book – A4 size, cartridge paper.

  • A couple of A4 size sheets of tracing paper.

  • Pencils, HB & B.

  • A soft paint brush, about size 10.

  • A tube of black gouache – (could share between 4 people).

  • A white wax crayon stick – or a standard white candle.

  • An empty plastic yoghurt or cream beaker with a lid – for water & paint mixing.

All the following are needed for the Sunday –

  • Drawings, and materials from the day before.

  • A small selection of black & white fabrics – just small pieces that you can find, I will provide some too.

  • A selection of black & white threads, for hand and machine work.

  • A 12 inch (or 30 cm) square of wadding, or felt, or part of an old woollen blanket.

  • Pins, and a variety of hand sewing needles, for different thickness threads.

  • A selection of black & white threads – for hand & machine.

  • If you choose to work by machine – bring your own sewing machine.

Paper Clay Creations  with Mary Timmons

  • Clean Ironed Pillowcase

  • Rolling Pin

  • Small Sharp Knife

  • Hand Towel

  • Odd Bits and Bobs (to make textures)

  • Paint Brushes (large and small)

Book Binding  by Barbara Hubert

  • Scissors

  • Craft knife

  • Kitchen knife (4" blade)

  • Steel Ruler (12" or longer)

  • Pencils

  • Bone Folder

  • Set square

  • Pliers

  • Darning needles

* Tools can be found in Cork Arts Supplies or Vibes & Scribes)

If wished it is possible to bring your own cloth ( Cotton is best) or paper.

2 pieces  in the size 25 x 30 cm.