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The Long Note

The Long Note at Cork School of Music on Monday 23rd November 2009 at 6pm

The Long Note


“The Long Note”  at Cork School of Music




The Cork School of Music provided the venue for the grand finale to a very busy year for Cork Textiles Network. “The Long Note” was launched by Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheal Martin of the School of Music on Monday 23rd  November 2009.   The Minister has supported the Craft industry for many years and has had meetings with CTN as far back as 1998.  It was particularly appropriate that he open the show given his interest in craft, long standing contact with CTN and strong associations with the Cork School of Music.  He encouraged people to support Irish craft workers this Christmas and also advised the network to contact his ministry if traveling abroad.  His opening speech was well prepared and informed.  We are most grateful to the Minister for obliging us by opening the show.

Figure  SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1 Minister Martin, Carmel Creaner, Emer Fahy and Dr.Spratt

The state of the art building situated on Union Quay in the centre of Cork city attracts a large audience for exhibitions displayed in the foyer which has a purpose built gallery space.  The work (46 pieces in total from 36 artists) hung very well together and to a very high standard.  The majority of  work was framed in white which united the exhibition perfectly.  Judging from the feedback to School of Music staff the work was very well received by all visitors adding a welcome dash of colour to the venue. 

Figure  SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 2 Lesley Stothers and friend reviewing her work


Two pieces were sold on the opening night  “Catch the Wind ” by Eva Muhlebach, “Blues on a Long Chord” by Arlene Shawcross.  Children of Lir 2 by Carmel Creaner  was selected  by Dr. Spratt and donated by the Network to the School of Music collection. It was a great success this year 10 pieces were sold and one selected by CSM as payment for the exhibition.  The following work was sold :


"Doh, Re, Mi" by Mary Timmons, "Strung Out" by Carol Cave, "The Light of Other Days" by Maire O'Mahony, "B-Sharp" by Bridget Dwyer, "Think Musical" by Eva Muehlebach, "Blues on a Long Chord" by Arlene Shawcross, "Catch the Sound" by Eva Muhlebach, "Baseline 1 and 2" by Helen Stringer and "The Children of Lir 2" was selected by the CSM.

Figure  SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 3  Barbara Hall


Thankyou to Rob Lamb, photographer for providing the photos on the web site and to Lesley Stothers, Mary Palmer and Helen O’Shea for hanging the show.


Figure  SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 4 Carmel and The Minister view the exhibition


The  exhibition, free to the public, was on show  from Monday 23rd  November to Friday 18th December 2009