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The Abandoned Project

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In this time of social distancing and isolation wouldn’t it be great for the members of CTN to come together to hold a virtual exhibition.

Amanda Hogan is in process of creating a 3D virtual gallery. This will be put up on the CTN website where visitors will be able to take a tour of the exhibition or wander virtually at will around and view in 3D the individual pieces at will.




We all have that piece of work that we started with great intentions but put it aside or maybe the materials we bought and still keep in our stash. The abandoned project that got put aside due to regular demands of life got in the way.

With the need for social distancing and the time we have now in our homes and studios it seems like the perfect time to pick up where we left off.

There is no other guide to this exhibition except to give you the reason to create and still be able to exhibit together in these restricting times.

All you need to do is:

In your email please cut and paste the following with your details:

Title of piece:

Name of Artist:


Medium and Method:

A few words about why you started the piece and why it was abandoned:

Dimensions of actual piece:

Once all the images are in Amanda will hang them in the Gallery and we will have a virtual exhibition opening. Dara is poised to put it out on CTN Social media and Carmel is going to put it onto our website.

This is a free facility so there will be no hanging fee. Amanda is using to create the gallery experience.

Remember: Deadline is Thursday April 30th 2020.