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Sheila Jordan

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Bring List - 3D felting workshop with Sheila Jordan


Some merino wool will be provided and I will have extra wool for sale if anyone wants to buy it.  Colours will be limited so if you have wool you like to work with bring it alone and any other fibres (silk, bamboo etc) or yarns and scraps of fabric that you have for incorporating into the felt.

Bring a basic felt making kit

  • Olive oil soap (or whatever you like to work with)
  • Couple of hand towels
  • plastic bottle with fine holes in lid to use as sprinkler
  • bubble wrap
  • plastic bowl
  • sharp pointed scissors

Anything you would like to incorporate into or add to the felt, beads, small pebbles, shells etc.

Bring along some form of source material that interests you, sketch books, photographs or picture from a magazine etc, anything that will give you ideas and shapes to work from.