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Leiko Uchiyama is a feltmaking artist based near Borris, Co.Carlow, Ireland. 

An educational background in both Animal Science and Textile Design sparked in her a curiosity about wool and its properties.  Wool is a unique fibre: waterproof, soundproof, insulating and given the correct conditions, will felt. 

The source of Leiko's felt making passion though, is the knowledge that the humble sheep, our first domestic animal, has provided us with food, clothing and shelter for millennia yet still plays a huge role in everyday modern life.

She says, “It’s thrilling to explore the possibilities of wool in the 21st century. I love the beauty and the happiness which real hand crafts bring to our society. Technology has been developing so fast, we tend to forget how wonderfully skilled our hands are. I hope that through my work you will see the beauty, the joy which only our hands can bring in making."

Leiko's wearables express who you are, her bags will carry your memories and experiences, her table wear will keep your meal time happy and warm, her rugs and wall pieces will create the space for us to get together.  

Leiko has been invited to attend international fibre conferences and teach felt making in Japan, America, Argentina, Australia and Europe. If you'd like to know more about her teaching please contact Leiko, she would be delighted to hear from you.