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April 2021 MInutes

Cork Textiles Network AGM 01.04.2021 via Zoom



Present-           Fiodhna Ní Bhaoill , Mary Ffrench, Kim Ling Morris, Hilda De Lacy, Carmel Creaner, Mary Palmer, Dara Healy,

  1. 1.Introduction of the Committee
  1. Fiodhna Ní Bhaoill

Co-Chair                                 Mary FFrench

  1. Kim Ling Morris

Membership Secretary            Kim Ling Morris

  1. Dara Healy
  1. 2.Thank you to Hilda for all her hard work as Chairperson and Treasurer before that.
  1. 3.Garda Vetting

Fiodhna and Mary are to reassess our access to Garda Vetting for the future/any projects with vulnerable people.

  1. 4.Treasurers Report

€35,600 in our account as of 18.03.2021

  1. 5.Vote on Changes to Account approved

Proposed to change to online banking as during covid it is difficult to attend in person every week and necessity of 2 signatories in incompatible with our 5km limit and social distancing.

Treasurer, Chair and Co-chair will have access to the online banking

  1. 6.Membership

80 members renewed by March. Email and newsletter lists to be updated on the 29th  April 2021 in line with GDPR

  1. 7.Website

Website will be updated by Carmel.

Contact details changed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Past Members will be removed from the Website Gallery page in April 2021 to promote existing members.

  1. 8.Contact Details/ Email

All email correspondence to go to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Committee will explore costs involved with gmail hosting email.

Appointment of one admin for the email account to be confirmed.

  1. 9.Thread Talks

Zoom Thread Talks supported by members with participants in the 30's for Alice Fox and Hannah Lamb

Some difficulty with last minute enquiries. Going forward zoom link will be sent to all members provided membership is below 100 limit for zoom.

  1. 10.Employment of an Artistic Administrator

The burnout of volunteers was discussed and it was agreed to look into the costs and legal, financial , insurance, tax implications of employing an artistic administrator one day a week to source funding and opportunities for the network going forward.

Fiodhna expressed concern as an incoming chairperson taking on such a major change to the network. A report on this will be needed before any decisions are made. Benchspace and Sample Studios will be able to provide assistance and guidance in this area.

A vote was held and it was agreed that we would investigate the pros and cons before the next meeting.

  1. 11.AOB

The Network will purchase an external hard drive to store the networks accounts, images and all relevant date. We may need cloud storage going forward as Hilda currently has been storing this for us.

  1. 12.AGM

A vote was held to accept this as our AGM for 2021 due to the exceptional circumstances and that we cannot hold our usual meeting in the Library with all members.

Dara Healy