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February 2019 Meeting Minutes

Held: Bishopstown Library

            Saturday 1st February 2019


Chair:              Mary Palmer

Scribe:                        Kim-Ling Morris

Attendees:    Cristina Jasmin Roser, Hilda De Lacy, Amanda Hogan, Lesley Stothers, Julia Zagar, Eve Chambers, Susan L Barimo, Mary Ffrench, Carmel Kenedy-, Kim Thittichai, Ide no Laghane, Sandra Jansen, Fiona Cotter, Tracy Wardle, Maire O’Mahoney, Dianne Payne, Eileen O’Brien, Lucy Dodd, Susan Cobley, Heather Underwood, Gerda Merz, Heidi Wisduineroszi-, Lisa Lillywhite, Rita Murphy, Maura Hennebry, May O’Mahoney, Margaret Walsh, Moya Geraghty, Claire Lynch, Grania Preston, Karin Kempf, Martina Carroll, Avril Lomcesney, Karen Allsopp, Arlene Shawcross, Dara Healy

Apologies:    Pascale de Coninck, Tish Caniffe, Frances Leach, Carol Cave, Imelda Connolly, Kate French, Carmel Creaner, Anne Kiely







Chairperson’s report

The 20th anniversary year saw many activities:

  • The Silk Road exhibition (Thanks to Sara O’Hara)
  • Anniversary Party at Clonakilty (Thanks to Arlene Shawcross)
  • Video project with 12 videos, 11 completed and one to go. These are available for viewing on CTN’s Youtube channel (
  • Community Arts projects: Textile bombing creatures in Blackrock and tutu project outside the Opera House (Thanks to Helen O’Shea and Martina Caroll)
  • Book project and “20” Exhibition launch at the Triskel (Thanks to Hilda De Lacy)
  • Knit & Stitch “Tales” pre-exhibition at the Alliance Française and “Heads and Tales” exhibition in London, Dublin and Harrogate (Thanks to Amanda Horgan and Lesley Stothers)
  • “Da Cappo” exhibition at the School of Music (Thanks to Dara Healy and Anne O’Connor)



Treasurer’s report

There was an overall loss for 2018 but this was expected as this was seen as an investment in bringing CTN to a wider audience. There are 253 books in circulation. The 500 books remaining to sell represent future income.



There are over 80 members.

People are reminded to make payment: €40 for full membership, €10 for Associate membership.

People will be getting issued with membership cards. We are looking to get associated benefits (e.g. discounts with suppliers). Please put forward any ideas.



Event Report: videos

11 of the 12 videos commissioned are now complete:

Mary Palmer, Martina Caroll, Gerda Merz, Hilda De Lacy, Kim-ling Morris, Margaret Walsh, Anne Kiely, Arlene Shawcross, Amanda Horgan, Helen O’Shea and Emer Fenlon.

All members who came forward to apply were included.


Event Report: Alliance Française/Knit and Stitch

The “Tales” exhibition shown in the Alliance Française was a good way to show all the works that were made. However, due to limited space in the K&S show, this was curated down to a selection for touring.

The Alliance Française is a good venue for many reasons (ease of hanging, clarity of commission terms etc) and valuable contacts were made.

Kim Thittichai will be taking over running the K&S Dublin for 2019. Work is to be collected on Saturday 7th September.


School of Music exhibition

The location of the exhibition has been much improved with a programme of exhibitions listed from September 2018 – May 2019. The School of Music’s Tom Doyle opened the CTN exhibition and several works were sold.


Committee changes

Chair: Mary Palmer will be stepping down and Hilda De Lacy will be taking over

Treasurer: Kim-Ling Morris will take over from Hilda De Lacy

Memberships: Jane Horner will continue with Sara O’Hara

Social Media: Dara Healy will continue this role


Events for 2019

  • School of Music open exhibition will be organised by Carmel Creaner and Lesley Stothers.

Title: “Cadenza”

Exhibition Dates: Wednesday, 27 Nov 2019 – Tuesday, 7 Jan 2020

Drop-off: Sunday, 24th November 2019 10:00 – 12:00

Hanging: Wednesday 27th November 2019

Fees: €10/displayed submission

Notes  - There will be no opening.

  • All works to be wall hung.
  • D rings to be placed at the top of works to be compatible with the hanging system.


  • Culture Night 2019

It was proposed that CTN consider a Maypole type weaving event with the Jean Moriarty School of Ballet, perhaps to celebrate the new footbridge. Susan L Barimo to follow up.



  1. a.It was proposed that the AGM dae be moved from the first Sturday of February as it clashes with the Craft Council AGM.
  2. b.GDPR
  3. c.Arlene Shawcross will forward photosAlice Kettle’s stitched Christmas trees project to Carmel Creaner. Many members assisted in making elements for this work.
  4. d.Amanda Horgan proposed a Bring & Buy sale for various fabric/textile things that people have but won’t use. Jane Horner volunteered the use of her barn for this. If people bring stuff, they should take back items for which they do not find new owners.
  5. e.Books that were given to Amanda Horgan to accompany their Tales submission are being returned.
  6. f.It may be worth creating a FB or WhatsApp members group. Sara O’Hara mentioned that WhatsApp may be limiting the sizes of groups that can be created
  7. g.Many committee members/exhibition organisers have works that have not been collected from show. It is proposed that any works that have not been collected and whose owners have not responded to contact in 6 months are sold and the monies given to charity


Next AGM meeting

To be confirmed.