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October 2018 Meeting Minutes

Cork Textiles Network Committee Meeting


Date : 4th October 2018


Venue: Bishopstown Library


Present : C.Creaner, M.Palmer, K.Morris, K.Thittichai, K.Kempf, C.McNamara (Glandore),  A.Hogan, H. De lacy, J.Horner, C J Roser, A.Kiely, M.Carroll, G.Merz, E.O’Brien, A.O’Connor, C.Caulfield, E.O’Regan, K.Kempf, F.Cotter, D.Payne, J.Horner, H.Underwood, I.Connolly, D.Healy, V.Cremin, K.French, M.Walsh, H.O leary, M.French, M.Carroll, V.Cremin, K.Morris, H.Underwood, F.Leach, E.O’regan, S.Heweston, R.Murphy


Apologies: L.Stothers, A Shawcross, S.O’Hara, M.Gerraghty, T.Wardle, C-E. Kelly, T.Caniffe, M.Thullier


Mary welcomed everyone to the meeting and invited all to introduce themselves.  The following are the topics that were discussed:




Jane Horner is the current membership secretary. If you know of any members who are not receiving their newsletters please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   who will get them up and running. Renewal of full membership is in January  and costs €40. Associate membership costs €10.

New members joining from September will get the following full year membership aswell.  Membership cards will be issued in 2019 and we will negotiate with suppliers for member discount.  This card will be needed for member activities in future.  If you haven’t paid by 1 April your name will be removed from our data base.



Chairman’s Report

Thank you to all the volunteers who organized and helped out with the many activities that took place in 2018.

The Silk Road exhibition was organized by Sara O’Hara at the start of the year.

The Culture Night 21 Sept 2018 : Helen O’Shea and Martina Carroll organized the spectacular Swan Lake installation and dance event at Emmet Place. This was the last event where the CTN giant fish was exhibited in public following Blackrock and Kinsale showings during the year.  During a ballet in the opera house in November it was suggested to put out the tutus. The project was a huge success and should be built on.  At Alliance Francaise, the Tales exhibition was open for the evening however it was very quiet. 

Knitting and Stitching Tales : an exhibition of work by CTN took place at Alliance Francaise - the work was then curated by Liam Ronane City Librarian. The 15 selected works  will be sent to the Knitting and Stitching events in the UK.

Knitting and Stitching Heads :.  Amanda has co-ordinated the  Alexandra Palace, Harrogate and Dublin (nov8-11) venues.  Please email Amanda if you would like to volunteer for a few hours on the stand.  Please contact Amanda if you are attending any event – she will get you a pass in to the event.  Approx 45 portraits have been submitted to date.  Huge thanks to Amanda for her ongoing hard work.

Finance: finance will be reported on in February.

A really fabulous evening dinner party was organized by Arlene where we enjoyed Ger Wolfe sing into the night.  A great evening was had by all.  Thank you Arlene.



Book Report

Hilda summarized  the book report as follows:

20 : The book was published and organised by Hilda De Lacy with a spectacular accompanying exhibition at the Triskel. If anybody wants to purchase a book specifically for promoting their own work or the work of the CTN the books will be available for €15.  Please apply to Hilda for this facility as she needs to keep track of stock.  170 books have been sold so far.  750 books were printed.  Stockists are listed on the web site.



Hilda will step down next February as the Treasurer after 5 years. Mary will step down as the Chairman after 2 years.  She feels strongly that the group should survive into the future however, if the vital roles of Chair and Treasurer are not filled the group could fold.  If there is anyone in the group who would like to get involved in the committee it is a great way to get to know members and get to meet people and be involved in the group. Amanda is stepping down after 7 years of organizing the K+S show.  Mary invited a vice chair to shadow her work.

Clodagh would like a better presence on instagram.  Christina and Dara have volunteered for this) and would welcome another volunteer to assist with FB.

Kate Thittichai volunteered to work on the K+S show.


Regular Meeting and Talk

CTN would like to organize a monthly get together particularly for new members  to get to know each other.  There would be a nominal fee for each meeting with the possibility of speakers and refreshments.  Hilda is stepping down from the Treasurers role and would like to help organize this with Mary who will step down from the role of Chairman. If anyone would like to do something for a November meeting that would be great (Mary can't be there), but she will plan something for December (maybe making Xmas decorations?). Hilda and Mary will do something more structured from February. 



The first Saturday of every month is a suggested date for now. Time  10am-1pm.


Note : The Weavers Guild meet every third Saturday in Bishopstown Library 10am-1pm.  New members are welcome.



CSM Exhibition

The theme of the exhibition is Da Capo  - this is a musical term meaning back to the beginning.


Anne O’Connor and Dara Healy have generously volunteered to organise the 2018 exhibition. Hilda De Lacy, Mary Palmer, Margaret Walsh and Kate French have volunteered to hang the exhibition.


Hanging will take place Wednesday 28 November 2018. 

Drop off on 24th bet 10-11am or Wed 28th Nov, bet 6-7pm. 


Hanging fee €10 per piece.  White frame only, no plinths or 3d items are allowed in the venue.


Opening note : no official opening will take place at CSM however a Christmas get-together will take place for anyone to attends- details will be available on the Newsletter.  This will take place on Friday 30th November but will be confirmed in the Newsletter.  The full brief will be provided in the newsletter.

The work does not have to be new as the notice for this show was quite short. Preferably submit work that was not hung in CSM previously. 




Bishopstown Library Feb 2019 Exhibition

The Heads exhibition will be mounted for this show as they will not be seen otherwise.



Web Site

All members can have a presence on the Web site : please send in your images and information to set up a gallery page and if you already have a page, please send in your up to date work to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  We would favour professional images.  Please do not send in blurred images or anything that has reflections.  Keep images to a max of 1MByte in size and JPEG format.  Entitle each image as follows : XY_The Title of the Image.jpg where XY = your initials.



In order to encourage younger new members it was suggested that CTN should be advertised in CSN, St.Johns and Kinsale.  We should contact the college and invite the students to come to the monthly get together.

A sewing machine was purchased as part of Welcome to My world and is open to anyone to borrow from Mary Palmer for the time being. 

Alliance Francaise would welcome anyone who wants to run a workshop there.

An art car-boot sale was suggested by Amanda.  Vicky at Fota House would welcome this idea -  potentially in May of 2019 this will take place.  The music room/library  at Fota House is being renovated as an exhibition space .

Suggestions for a workshop next year : Dione Swift,, Dry needle felting with Christina.



Next Meeting : February 2019