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October 2019 Meeting Minutes

Held: Bishopstown Library

            Saturday 5th October 2019


Chair:         Hilda De Lacy

Scribe:       Carmel Creaner

Attendees:  Cristina Jasmin Roser, Hilda De Lacy, Mary Ffrench, Dianne Payne, Eileen O’Brien, Heather Underwood, Gerda Merz, Heidi Wisduineroszi, Rita Murphy,  Grania Preston, Karin Kempf, Avril Lomcesney, Dara Healy, Pascale de Coninck, Maeve Hunter, Jane Horner, Gerda Merz, Karen Kempf, Mary Palmer.

Apologies:  Tish Caniffe, Frances Leach, Carol Cave, Imelda Connolly, Kate French, Lesley Stothers, Anne Kiely, Sara O’Hara, Arlene Shawcross, Frances Leach, Heather Underwood, Amanda Hogan, , Fiona Cotter, S.Jansen,  Lisa Lillywhite, Veronica Cremin, Margaret Walsh, Margaret Thullier.







Chairperson’s introduction

The committee was introduced:

Chairman: Hilda De Lacy, Secretary: Carmel, Kim: treasurer, Dara Healy : Social Media,  Mary : GANS rep, Membership : Jane Horner and Sara O’Hara



Treasurer’s report

Kim reported that our bank acc is healthy.A full breakdown will be presented at the next meeting.


NIVAL archive

Archival information from CTN will be sent to NIVAL for archiving anyone who has anything worth keeping form CTN please pass this over to Carmel who will pass it to NIVAL. .


Event Report: Alliance Française/Knit and Stitch

Heads exhibition run by Amanda in BT library – Amanda wanted to thank everyone involved.  The AF exhibition is fantastic and lots of sales to date – it will be curated for the K + S shortly.   The knit and Stitch we still need volunteers for time on the stand – thank you to everyone who has come forward so far. 



Sara is co-ordinating the photoshoot.  A note and details have been sent out in the newsletter about this.  Dates 12 and 19 October or 16 November  - you will receive  one full image plus 2 details with web versions also.  Brian Quillinan of Imagine Art based in Cork city is the photographer. 



Events for 2019

  • School of Music open exhibition will be organised by Carmel Creaner and Lesley Stothers.

Title: “Cadenza”

Exhibition Dates: Wednesday, 28 Nov 2019 – Tuesday, 7 Jan 2020

Drop-off: Wednesday, 27th November 2019 10:00 – 12:00

Hanging: Wednesday 27th November 2019

Fees: €10/displayed submission

Notes  - There will be no opening.

  • All works to be wall hung.
  • D rings to be placed at the top of works to be compatible with the hanging system.

Leap – BT exhibition title : Dara Healy and Lisa Lillywhite will organise the exhibition with Karen Kempf assisting. Hanging 5th February 2020 opening at 6pm 6th and down on 28th Feb.  Open exhibition with a brief to follow.  Any size embroidery hoop or hoop and consider the hanging. 


Alliance Francaise in 2020: need an organiser for this. 

Knit and Stitching exhibition 2020– please consider volunteering to organise this also.

Cork School of Music exhibition 2020 – volunteer required for this also.


Other venues are being considered.



  • Thread Talks

Two more talks have been organised for November (Mary Palmer) and December (Rebecca Devaney)  2019.  The feedback from the Caroline Schofield talk was wonderful.  All talks have been well received to date.


  • Culture Night 2019

This was a great success with 2 events in the city thanks to CTN – the Alliance opening  and the ballet dance troupe  on Emmett Place with costumes made by Susan Barimo.  Huge thanks to all volunteers who made both events happen on the night.

Lesley sent her thanks to all who donated wool for the childrens’ classes she ran at the Backwater event.  24 children went home very happy campers.



  1. a.Fiona Hutchison (master weaver and Edinburgh Uni Lecturer) will be in Ireland in March 2020 – 10 peopleto say that they were interested in attending.  Carmel will pursue this with Fiona.
  2. b.Hilda is proposing to run one day workshops with existing CTN members whoCosts will need to be covered and starting in Feb- May 2020.  There was a lot of interest in this and Hilda will report back on this.
  3. c.Lisa Lillywhite workshop was advertised Sun 13 October on mixed fibre crafting inspired by nature in Dunmore House Hotel,A note will be sent out on this. Available on Eventbrite.
  4. d.Books that were given to Amanda Horgan to accompany their Tales submission are being returned.
  5. e.Huge thanks to all volunteers who participated in 2020.
  6. f.Many congratulations to Anne and Mary on their quilt Who Will Tell the Bees whichBest in Show at the 2019 Festival of Quilts.


Next AGM meeting

1st Feb  2020 Bishopstown Library.