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Inspiration to make my work often comes from the physical landscape.  This can either be in the form of a wide vista or a small pebble that catches my eye.

Themes I have most recently been interested in relate back to human behaviour or the human condition, often referring to people’s perceptions, and how they view things.  This interest drives me to investigate my own position in the world.  

In the way I work, I am often reacting to a particular way the piece is developing.   The slow work methods I use allow me time to contemplate and respond in an organic way.  This process-led approach keeps me fresh and always exploring.  More recently I have restricted my materials to linens and cotton threads.   My current work has seen a development where stitches are taken out from between the material to stand up proud on the fabric surface.

If you would like to see more of Helen’s work or speak to her regarding the same, please contact at

January 2014